I fell into the staffing industry by accident, but when I saw what it difference I could make in people’s lives and the relationships I could build, I was hooked.

An experienced Salesmen and Leader who has spent the last 16 years in the staffing industry helping companies solve problems, increase efficiency and grow their businesses through people and processes. Jeff has experience in several other industries as a former business owner, salesman, manager and leader. He has made his career on earning people’s trust, building relationships and delivering on his promises. In his role as Chief Growth Officer, he is the client interface and responsible for smooth transactions while creating top of mind positioning with our clients through the ability to listen, deliver results and ensuring complete satisfaction.

“I love helping our clients get great people to make an impact in their organizations”



Galloway, OH


Akron, OH


BS, University of Akron

Previous Positions

  • Vice President
  • Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Salesman
  • Associate